GPS Hire

One of the problems with riding in Cyprus has always been the lack of good quality detailed maps. One solution has been to hire a guide. Sometimes however you just want to ride at your own pace and in the company of friends or even alone. Maybe you just don't want to pay the guiding fees. Now there is an alternative. If you hire a bike from us, you can hire one of our Garmin Edge 200 GPS units with pre-loaded routes.

The garmin Edge 200 is a simple to use GPS designed in reality as a training unit. Its simplicity makes it the perfect unit for guiding you around the Cyprus countryside. All you have to do is get yourself to the recommended start point of each ride, turn on the GPS, select the desired route from the route menu and press go. The GPS does the rest, you just follow the arrow and take in the scenery safe in the knowledge that you have a good days riding ahead of you. If you go off track, the GPS Unit will beep, waking you from your tranquil state and reminding you that you have a course to follow.

The GPS pack will include some written notes outlining the routes details including an extract of a Google Map to help you orientate yourself.


The written notes will also include a graphic profile of the route that you will be following. This will give you a better idea about just how much effort you will have to put in.

route profile

For more information on our GPS bike routes in Cyprus give us a call or send us an email. Our contact details can be found on the Contact page.